AI in Design: Beyond the Hype, Here's the Reality

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First comment (like mat karna) ❤

I am new to graphic design.. and I post my work on Instagram to show the world.. any quick tips to increase my reach..? 🙃

I wonder why people fear at all. Ever since chatGpt got released, I have never been more productive.

AI is taking over our jobs is inevitable. Also it won’t happen in the next 10 years imo. Plus, there will be need for humans to keep everything in check. So I think we are safe but I am not sure about the Generation Alpha.

can u make a video on figma and if its good for design?

The problem with all AI assessments is they become obsolete in a few weeks to few months.
How AI is being used will change rapidly as this is not a technology that is static, but rapidly evolving.
As AI gets better and better, the temptation to let it do everything increases.

Amazing video like always !!🩷

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