Battle of the Lists: Todoist vs. Superlist Showdown!

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I've been using Superlist recently and it's been good. And mainly…it's free. Todoist is awesome but the free is a little limiting, mainly with notifications.

Superlist feels great and I like the completion sounds. But at current, it's missing too many features for me to make me switch from Apple's reminders. Using Siri to quickly add to my grocery list or other lists, or remind me about something at a certain time, is so convenient when I'm on the go and don't want to unlock my phone, open the app, type out the task, set the reminder time, etc.

Todoist i like the layout a lot. Superlist loks nice. I also kinda wonder if anyone has tried Clickup for personal tasks. How is it?

In SuperList, I don't appear to have the New task button next to my profile picture. Is this something that needs toggled in settings?

It's all about tick tick

anyone got an idea how I can get tasks into Akiflow using my voice? (integration with todoist is working, but todoist doesnt have voice task feature like ticktick, but more integrations with other software so maybe I could integrate some app with todoist and then it gets send forward to Akiflow, but which app is that? :-D)

I’m shocked you rated Superlist an 8.2. Although superlist looks great it has major sync and reliability issues. I used myself for two weeks. See the app reviews for other feedback. It’s just not ready for release. Makes me question your other app ratings. 🤔

tick tick is better

It looks really nice, but I need the Priority status and labels in Todoist.

Great video! I learned something new today!

Sperlist se ve bien, entretiene por el momento inicial, pero está lejos de tener características simples, útiles y claras de Todoist. En todo cao, sigo prefiriendo Workflowy en combinación con Things

The only reason I don't use Todoist is because notifications are a premium feature, which never made sense to me. Personally, I won't remember the tasks I have or even log into the app, so I need notifications to remind me (yes, I have a terrible memory, lol). For now, I'm using Superlist and I'm loving the experience. I still think it lacks some features (like the ability to duplicate tasks), but overall, it serves me well; I recommend it to everyone.

Todoist is a very advanced app for to-dos, but personally, I don't use it because the power of the app is hidden in keyboard shortcuts, which I'm not good at remembering. Therefore, I would choose Superlist. Although Superlist has only started recently, considering the history of the team behind it, they will develop this app to be superior to none.

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