Craft Your Own Amazon: A Web Dev Starter Guide

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Please create a video how to create devlys to unicode font converter using html css and javascript

Can you please share the github of the entire code structure ?

yes we need next pages and responsiveness 😢

Brother is your projects all Themeforest standard code?

You're an amazing teacher thanks you

Bro your tutorials have been a great step for me in improving my webdevelopment skills cant wait for the next part of amazone clone much ❤❤❤

Thank you so much

please make full website

Please make it fully responsive
by adding functionality to navbar

The video isn't complete … Why you had me fooled from the beginning

please some one explain what is "color: inherit;" property

Anyone faced a problem with the footer?

Send us the githhub link
We don't need tutorial hell

at 43:37 that style.display='none' shows any on vscode and that is not working

I hope this helps you, in the product-slider products img class,

I added px to the max-height so that the images looked completely square.

it would be like this

.products-slider .products img{
max-width: 200px;
max-height: 200px;

Thanks for the tutorial!

Next part please

I'm waiting for amazon clone continues videos

Hello, a great video indeed ,, why is my laptop not running JavaScript code? what should I do.

brother your videos have gotten me a job at Amazon, thank you so much

This is so Awesome. I followed this tutorial and completed this. Thanks for this wonderful video✨…

Please complete all the pages🙏

Is this responsive with all pages?
I want to purchase it. Please reply

How to make a products details page dynamic? When user click any single product than user will be see this product details and all the data are come from array. I was trying to make this but I'm facing some problems. Please make a tutorial on it

Please create one video on JWT authentication in ReactJS or NodeJS in such a way that any beginner can understand and can get a full explanation from scratch to advanced.

You can explain using any project also.

Sir i have created the sign up page by myself but when i hover on it , it hides itself under cards products that is our first product cards

Bro please upload part 2 of amazon clone bro waiting……

U are best.. my boss.. please cannot make it full frontend and backend

Just add event.preventDefaults() inside the arrow function of both prev and next btn if slider not working

Post the next continue video .. Login page

Please complete the other part of the site

Ye video search krne m kyy nhi milta h yrr ❤❤

hello sir please continue to make some more content like sign-in page and price details etc. in this video

The best html teacher i heard ever. Thank you.

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