Crafting Tic-Tac-Toe Magic with React JS

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Nice tutorial 😊

Hey I am here after like years, And I just remembered from Whom I used to learn back in those days
So I searched easy tutorials and yeah

Why yall changed the name and are there multiple teachers now?

Please make some videos with Svelte or SvelteKit…

At timestamp 16:50,
In TicTackToe Component,
Why have you repeated the code from line 61 to 64?

Isn't it generally recommended to avoid direct manipulation of the DOM using methods like document.getElementById or setting the innerHTML property?

Good try, keep it up, I would suggest to study more about the logics before making video.
You don't need multiple references for reset, you can do it in better way without multiple reference, the data that you stored could be a state, the conditions are really messed. The counter update is not the correct way either, lots if duplicacy.

How to add draw msg, if there is draw?

Bro on the next Please make a video about full stake freelancer website

how to create mulitple product details page in single html page using JavaScript please reply sir

Hey brother I really like your teaching style. A single request to make a playlist of react so that it becomes easy to access react videos only. Pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz🙏

pls provide your Git hub link

Nice project made it but if I click at same postion more than once the output is different

Send the GitHub link bro of this code

Awesome keep it up .


guys i am getting error in @4:44

Sir my output is showing error that e is not defined and useRef is not defined why is that

Thank you for such valuable content.

It is not working properly

What if the game gets a Draw?

Line 11:23: 'useState' is not defined no-undef

Line 12:22: 'useState' is not defined no-undef

Line 20:13: 'e' is not defined no-undef

Line 25:13: 'e' is not defined

i am having the above issue help me

your logic is wrong. fill every div by clicking it till no one win and then reclick some of these it will show "x or o won "
and the ${count} is increasing by clicking again and again and not reseting by clicking reset button. check it out : console.log(count); and you will see.

Love and guidance ❤

cool game making bro

bad pronounciation, couldnt understand words 9:24

nice tutorials but please with the rows in the board i think it show be column instead. So maybe column1, column2, column3 because it almost confused me when i opened in the developer tools with chrome

npm create-react-app . is taking hours to install. What should I do?

hi bro there is bug, where i finished game with toe. You haven't checked this situation.

Why does my toggle function not working?

dude, such a nice video and no github link ?

Great, bu there will be a bug in this game, that is once you double click on already selected box you can again do the same move. I mean, if you click once a box and you get cross, thenagain click on the same box, and then try clicking another block, you will get cross again but whereas you should get a circle.

why images are not showing when i import

çok teşekkürler 🙂

Reset the counter on reset


how to add draw condition?

works almost fine, but if you try it, you will see that you can put two elements on top of eachother, because it doesnt check if the box is empty

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