Dive into Full Stack: Next.js 14 Course Unveiled!

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Love your videos brother

Been waiting for this

Please add authentication and authozation system.

Thanks Bro I want this video🥰🥰🥰🥰

Please make video on Express.js and Node.js ..

Most waited video 😊

Hey bro thank you so much ❤

Brother your vedios is very helpful please kindly create on vedio react with firebase and node js course

Thanks for the video appreciate it allot sir but kindly do Node js for us also sir🎉

Thanks i appreciate your effort to share your knowledge

Sir , React Js Ka series banaiye

Please I don't know tail wind css can you dedicated video on it

Small detail when using tailwind:
My css wasnt rendering on the homepage and this was the issue in case

Creating the Components folder requires adding —



into your tailwind.config.js

content: [




"./Componenets/*.{js,ts,jsx,tsx,mdx,css}" <————



Will edit if I find anything else, Thanks for the tutorial!

Hey GreatStack! Great tutorial. Quick question? What tool do you use to record your coding tutorials?
I've researched LOOM, Camtasia and OBS but I am not sure which one to select?
If anyone else has any advice on some good screen recording tools for code that would be great!
Thanks everyone!

How to contact you bro need one help

bro how can we add payment gateways or checkout page in ecommerce? can you give me an idea or make an one video on it plz

Dear GreatStack,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for providing valuable programming lessons. Your unwavering enthusiasm in delivering educational programming content has been truly inspiring. I appreciate your dedication to innovation in creating diverse learning materials.

Thank you for your continuous efforts, and I look forward to more innovative learning content from you in the future.

Bro build full Netflix clone in react js please 🙏 next- video

thanks for sharing, why export async function GET(request) call api forever?

Wonderfull beginner friendly project 🎉 thankyou bro

sir how to add my web projects to my portfolio with live demo

Please make a video of python complier..

Best course on Next js 14 i just found at GreatStack. Really like the next js projects you explained in this course.

thanks for sharing ❣

Nice tutorial 👍

Very easy tutorial to understand, very simple, keep it up brother. and in the future please make another Next.Js tutorial again.

Please add authentication and authozation system without any next library

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