12 Graphic Design Gems: Unleash Your Creativity!

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Every time you teach me a new things..thank you sir

So insightful. There's always something new to learn. Thank you!

Thx for providing this info dude I like your video editing style

Sir how to maintain brand consistency in social media creatives

This video was a memory refresh. Thank You, your videos are delight and your explainations are pretty on point and examples used are really good as well.

amazing video of refreshing our basics and taking it to an advanced level, need more videos like such, Thank you

I really love the way you teach us every time, clean, relaxing, moderne vibe. It's enjoyable and makes me really focused

That icecream one was the best and most effective design ive ever seen..

Another banger of a video, I can confirm that serial positioning does work, as I recently just stumbled across the phenomena when comparing different slides of design from different projects, both the first and last design share similar color schemes, and I instantly remembered, and reminded back on the first page, despite that there was six, seven of them. Yet the same thing did not occur when both similar design were sorted alongside each other at the end.
When you were shown a memorable thing first and foremost, you'll instantly reminded about it again whenever a similar instances of it is happening yet again.

Great 👌 video..im going to try these styles 🎉🎉

Awesome video as always sir! I will say I didn’t think image on rt in thumbnail was a very good design, it should pop at any size but couldn’t tell what it was about. Amazing video edit as always

What a knowledgeable start for the day, Can't wait to apply these tips. Thank you!

I love your videos very much and I've learnt a lot. Thank you so much!❤
I have a comment about the the use of the jumping emojis: I think they are in conflict your elegant voice and elegant presentation. I felt distracted, in a bad way when I saw them, because these emojis are usually used by lower effort and less elegant people like me 😆

this video is of 19 minutes and i watched complete without skipping any second because you can't get bored if you are in the world of satori. love you satori

Anyone else also notice this on the coffee/alarm clock ad: the way the light reflects from the coffee, there is a human-silhouette showing. Just enough to capture the shape, so it’s reflecting you looking at it. But not enough detail to look like anyone in particular.

Your videos have been showing me so much thank u!

1:32 Can someone explain how cognitive dissonance applies in this example, please? 🙏 1:32

Satori my beloved

You should do content aimed to the more advanced designers!

What a great video. I will be rewatching later and taking notes!

I love your content

This was so educative

Watching the smoking part while smoking a cigarette 😂

@2:37 text overlay makes it hard to read. You can hire me for graphic design layout tips 😂

Thanks for sharing this! Just took down notes. I am a complete beginner in Graphic design and this video really does help me a lot.

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