Mastering WordPress 2024: A Full Guide to Website Creation

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Last year, Elementor changed, and I learned a ton of new features within Elementor that help you create websites in a better way. That is why I used the same layout as last year and added so many great features to this tutorial! Let me name a few additions:
01. Working with Elementor’s The Top Navigation Bar
02. Using Global Container Padding
03. The Grow Feature (Love it!)
04. The Wrap Feature
05. The Transform (On Hover) Feature
And more! You will learn how to work faster and make lighter websites. Enjoy the tutorial, and thanks for all the support. And for the people who notice. Yes, I used the same intro as last year. That video went viral, so on the one hand, I don’t want to change the winning concept, and on the other hand, I lost my voice last week and wanted to upload the video today . Using the same intro means that the viewers will be surprised with even more great features than I showed in the intro. 😊

Was wondering can we make learndash quizzes and topics looks more modern ?? It look old

I am your student Ferdy. Good job and thanks a lot.

Whenever I go to customize the website, I can't see the changes happening until I publish. Also I can only see the menu trigger (the three horizontal lines) when customizing. Please help

Hey Ferdy, thanks for the awesome tutorial! Quick question:

I'm using the free version to build my site, and I was wondering if there's a way to have a different menu just for my shop page. I want it to only have two links at the top while keeping the main menu on all the other pages. Any tips on how to do this?

Hi Ferdy, topper! Wanneer komt je video online over de portfolio pagina? Zou top zijn als je m snel online kunt zetten! 🙂

Awesome, Epic video! Baie Dankie!

I was focused on your introduction when a sudden sparkle on one of your teeth made me laugh out of nowhere 🤗. By the way, excellent effort in providing what I was looking for. Thank You & Keep up the good work and continue helping us learn.

This is easy to understand and comprehensive video for website building using wordpress. Thank you Ferdy!

love way of teaching… spicy learning🤩

I am nirmal from Indi. You are a great teacher; I feel blessed to learn a lot from you. I hope to always have your help in the future. I would like to know more from you, so please give me a way to contact you.


The motion effects for elementor is not in the free version unfortunately

Hi Ferdy, quick question. I make 'How to' videos on youtube and want to make a blog/website to grow a business and earn income with affiliate marketing, downloads and courses plus grow youtube channel etc. Would you recommend a blog or a website for this?
Also would i be best following this video to start from scratch or should i follow your in depth affiliate marketing website for my aims mentioned? Would really appreciate your advice…thank you❤

Extremely helpful tutorial. All the points were laid out properly. He didn't miss any single detail. Really grateful that I found out your video.

hi ferdy thank you for the video. i have a question i dont have the account option in my own where people can login how do i get that? do i pay for the subscribtion to get that option

Why's this so much longer than other tutorials?

Dear sir Thank you very much for these excellent tutorial Sir could you please tell me how can i find clients for wordpress websites
it will be very greatful sirr

thanks , for tutorials

Thank you for this amazing tutorial, one of the best i have watched on youtube

Dear Ferdy I'm one of your followers since 2021 for the last thre years and every video and content you're sharing is much more helpful for that I'm great full. From web building to adsense from blogging to seo all video you're posting I just followed and implemented in my way in to my website and today I earned more than 5K€ + every month for that you deserve my gratitude.
Hasen Muhamedhusen from Ethiopia

Dear Ferdy, I absolutely love your videos. You are competent, smart, funny and entertaining. At no point in time I felt bored. I learned a lot because you explain everything perfectly and also I laughed a lot. Thanks so much for all your efforts and keep going ;-). All the best!

Thanks for amazing tutorial! Have a short question – why didnt you just strated with Elementor and instead set up everything before and than did all tunnings after? Thanks and regards

which camera do you use?

Is it compulsory to register on hostinger because it is requesting for an upfront payment of almost £150? Has any one skipped this step? What is the implication? Thank you.

The best! I making my own website thanks to your tutorial… Extremely precice and full of usefull informations. Thanks a lot Freddy!

i signed up with hostinger and for 3 years i paid almost 143$ and now after 3 years hostinger wants to charge me 143$ for one year . i bought a new plan for 74$ for 2 yaers but they do not transfer my omain to my new hosting i purchased and they are forcing me to renew my old hosting for one year and price at 143$. hostinger say we give you a coupon with is cassy to save and price dont to 135$. i think this cassy guy own this operation in somehere like pakistan or india. do not invest for long term with this hosting andthey rip u off on your renewal.
i have the whole chat with hostinger and i can provided you the proof.
find a legit american base hosting if you are serious about your business.
they are chaeper for a reason

You killed it! Can't thank you enough!

Hello, can you please help I was following up instructions since yesterday to build we website until I reached the step hello world in bottom of website, I clicked and it shows website lost !!!! And I already bought subscription blocksy

非常感谢博主精彩的讲解,来自中国山东,恐龙之乡的问候!Thank you very much for the wonderful explanation from the blogger, greetings from Shandong, China, the hometown of dinosaurs .

This is the first video I watched it is Extremely Detailed Video – I really enjoyed learning. Thank you for that!
I am very new to WordPress and trying to setup my website – Quick suggation – which one should I buy Elementor Pro
Or the Blocksy PRO – my usage is very simple – I don’t want to subscribe to many widgets.

Thanks so much for this tutorial!!! Much appreciated brother!

Help please! When I'm in the customize screen, making changes and publish it doesn't show the changes until I back out of customizing. Ferdy screen shows the changes in customization. Anyone please help.. Thanks! So much

What about if i want to make a search box and it works?

This is helpful ❤

How can I ask a question? I don’t see anyway to contact you.

Awesome tutorial! Loved it! Keep making the good stuff.

You the man, Ferdy!

hi, I changed from backend to "post name" from "custom structure". After saving the changes, I couldnot get access like yours when I click on "Hello world. here is the error message, please help me……. "Object not found!

The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the referring page seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of that page about the error.

If you think this is a server error, please contact the webmaster.

Error 404

Apache/2.4.56 (Unix) OpenSSL/1.1.1t PHP/8.2.4 mod_perl/2.0.12 Perl/v5.34.1".

Haha 3:14:00 I freaking LOVE you Too.!!!!!!!!

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