Mastering Notion: Formulas Made Simple for Newbies

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I'm a total beginner

Hey friends! Lesson starts at 03:46 🙂

Full timestamps:

00:00:00 – Stream start

00:03:46 – Lesson starts

00:06:43 – Formula 1: Task Time Estimator

00:38:35 – Formula 2: Simple Habit Tracker

00:49:58 – Formula 3: Next Birthday Formula

01:13:56 – Formula 4: Note Count

01:38:52 – Formula 5: Project Progress

01:52:26 – Formula 6: Audio File Duration

Deaf supporter. Please add captions.

If you need help finishing this massive 2:37:00 Notion Course, you can watch one of my 3 Hour Study With Me Videos 😀

This is very helpful, thank you so much. Your hard work makes our learning easier 💪

The project progress could be done with a roll-up property set to done. It also automatically doesn't show when no tasks I think

Question: How do I get the new Notion formulas?

Would learning JavaScript make it easier to understand Notion formulas?

For the Habit Tracker, how do you round up the percentage in the progress bar if you have more than 6 habits?

How to count how many business days left

Is this with the new formula type ?

First off I'm the worst when it comes to formulas!!! I was in the middle of updating my projects and setting up my review dates. I had deleted the old formulas and was going to follow along with a video to set up new ones but low and behold the video was setting up the OLD formula. As of now I, for the life of me, cannot figure out how to do the formula for my reviews. Could you point me to somewhere EASY for this. (Like a follow along video for dummies)

How to make day column to fill automatically or the shortest way please? Iam more curious to that part than that persentage column

Was wondering whether formulas can count comments in a page, but I'm concluding that it can't do that yet. Still taking away and successfully applying a cleaner way to count relations with particular conditions. Thanks! Love your energy and humor.

I use Notion as kind of a website and currently have a hidden multi-select property called "Attention" where if something's wrong, I mark it there, and shows up in a separate dashboard. But I don't like this workflow (gotta scroll aaallllll the way up and fit issues into categories; it's a bit disruptive), and have since realized I can just use comments to do the same. Today I learned that in a linked database, it includes a count of top-level comments for me, which is nice. Sadly I can't do anything more with that, like filter pages by number of unresolved comments. Nor does it count the comments I have on individual blocks.

Thomas, I have for example total in me minus total expenses, however I want it n one line only and it’s calculating the next row which I don’t want. Any way to make it one line only,

The next birthday formula that uses the word "Let" cannot be used, why?

The formula for counting notes is good for English. In another language (such as Polish) it will no longer work. We have variations and in this case there are 3 options: (1 – notatka), (2, 3, 4, 32, 34, 74 – notatki), (0, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 37, 69, 58 – notatek). What will be the formula for such a solution?

Hey Thomas, thank you for your work -I've learned a ton! Going through the lesson, (22 min in) and am at rounding. Just a thought that might help the use case: if someone wants to round to the nearest half hour or quarter hour instead of a decimal point, they could use 2 or 4 instead of 10/100/1000.

can you do integration in n8n?

Thanks Tommaso for the value! I'm thinking…when I create a formula, is it possible that the output shown is the same as the multi-select output?

No way bro forgot patchy the pirate 😭

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