Revolutionize Your Workflow: Notion's Automation Magic!

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What happens if you use spend over 24h on a task in the Time Tracker box? Will it starts from 0 again?

Thomas, can I use something like "Use Template XYZ" as an action? I've created a template in a database that contains a code box that I need and set that as a default. However, when a new row is added in that database via Zapier, Notion does not use that template. Is there any way I can make Notion use the template if the new row is triggered via Zapier?

This is a great video. Thanks. I'm trying to duplicate tasks set up in my client portals into to my private master task db as a way of having a master workspace that is not exposed to my clients. I couldn't seem to find this functionality. I have been trying to go back to a master task DB for ages but can never seem to quite get there. Any thoughts on this or sharing tasks with clients without exposing an entire DB would be amazing. Thanks.

at 19:03, I don't understand how you can link all the Tasks inside the Content Projects row by automation? all I can think of is rollup, but even so, all the tasks will be in the same property unlike what you have. and I even have to do it manually, not by automation

this should be so helpful with goals and actions steps

Excellent review as usual! Can you confirm that Notion does NOT allow an automated recurring template to serve as a trigger? I tried "Page added" and "Any property edited" with no success.

Sounds like a great feature, but still waiting for offline mode. This kind of features look nice, when they first released and I think the minority of users will use them 🙁

How you starr a video…… !Notion, is really upping…

Something that I wanted them to add is putting a backlink to a page that was created by triggering a new page from another database.

if you create a page on database [A] which resulted to creating a new page in Database [B] using automation.
you should be able to choose if you wanted to add a backlink to it.
this way tracing the flow is easier as you knew 2 pages are connected with each other via a backlink.

Hey thomas. whats going on with the original channel? We miss it! (althouth your notion content is amazing!)

Hey, great video Do the paid templates include these new database features? When Notion introduces new features, do you plan to update paid templates?

one of the best thing I figured out in automation that I'm so exited about is the Checkboxes.

You can make checkboxes Act like a button.
Trigger [ When Check box is edited ]
[ Add page to another database Choose a template ]
[ edit Checkbox to [] Unchecked ]

with this you technically make a button out of checkbox.
you can use this as buy button to add a new page to "Sales" database.

Is there anyway to remove the assigned user when status is switched to done? The way I see it I can just add a user in this system property or change it – but not remove the current one :-/

How is the filter working within the default page "Content Projects" to automatically filter for only the tasks created for the new project? When I create a project, and have it create automated task, within the project page, the database shows all pages in the task database..

great video as always Thomas, thank you.

re the reverse sorting, buttons to the same too if creating steps in a database, so I typically created steps in a button in the reverse order to how I want them

speaking of buttons, it would be great if a button could be converted into an automation, as lets face it, lots us will have taken time creating buttons as a solution before the automation came along

Isn't it possible to create a new database just for time tracking, and then having multiple start and end times for each working session. With rollups we could then "summarize" the time worked on a task.
What are your thoughts on this?

Is it possible to create a custom page title? So not a static value for the title but a value of your automation?
I want to create a new page in another database when a new multi-select is added. Ideally, the new page title would be the same value as my added multi-select value.

Can you give details about your shirt? 🥲😁
Really loving it since an year

Great video thanks for sharing! Quick question…is there any way to pull property data from the database you're setting up the automation for to the new one that you're adding the date to? For reference, I am automating my sales into a sales tracker, but then want to link that sale, via relation property to my Master Client List, but I'm not seeing a way to do this. If I create an automation to add page to Master Client List, It's not giving me the option to pull the client name/data from the sales tracker, which is not very efficient.

Hola Thomas, Thank you so much for always explaining things in a clear and understandable way, I have learned so much about Notion just from watching your videos, muchas gracias 🙂 I have a question on one of the things you showed in your video, when you have a template for your "project" DB that has a linked view of the "Tasks" DB, how did you filter it and sorted it so that it would only show the tasks related to that project page? Thanks again and I hope you get to see my message .


Hey @Thomas,

Thanks for the high qality and informative Video!

I really like the setup in general, at the same time one from my perspective key element is missing: The option to pause the tracking and continue at a later stage.- At least I did not see this option yet.
How would you approach this? I already tried the simple way with creating further autmations that "end" the tracking when the task is put "on hold". But once I put it back to "in progress" the tracker starts counting from 0 again.

Do you get what I mean?
How would you approach this issue?

Thanks in advance

seems a bit limiting. i have a db with a date property and a relation to another db. In the other db every page is a month of the year. i wanted each time i edit the date on the first db to automatically change its relation link to the page that corresponds to the appropriate month. as far as i can tell its not possible. not with automations or formula 2.0

Hi, am I the only one experincing an error when I am playing with the content table? Every time the automation is supposed to create another page in the other DB, the automation goes into pause mode …. any idea what is going on?

I really apreciatte your hard work boss. The Real Notion Teacher!

Which of your notion templates should I use for personal stuff? And which for business?

It's fine if you want to pay premium, and if you add AI it's 20 dollars. Nah.

This feature has been out for several months and it feels like it's still way to limited. It's a shame I can't use formulas within automations.

yay!! thank you so much❤ wanted to test out automations before i committed to upgrading to a paid plan to have access to them

This is paid feature 😢

I applied the default tasks principle to automate phases of a project that I needed to show on a timeline and it worked wonders! In my timeline database, I used a rollup to pull pull the due date from the project page and the dateSubstract formula to configure the execution time and due date of each phase in relation to the due date of the project. Thank you for sharing your precious knowledge!

Man I love you. You are my Hero!🦸

Unless it supports Microsoft Exchange, Outlook is and going to stay my go-to calendar app.

If I create a new task within a project, is it possible to have certain properties within that task (like priority, area, goal, etc) auto populate to reflect those properties that are in the parent project? Similarly, is it possible to have this task auto relate itself to the parent project?

Great video. I have a question, though: Let's say I have a brain dump page and an official to-do list page. On both there is one database. The brain dump page has a database shown as a list, where I can create some to-dos, while brainstorming. (so I don't need to leave the page to create to-dos within the official to-do list page.)

How can I create a “transfer automation” which does the following: I create a to-do within the brain dump to-do list. Ones that are created, it will be automatically depicted in the official to-do list.

Until now, I was only able to create the following: ones I created a brain dump to-do, a new page was created in my official to-do list page, but the notes i wrote within the brain dump to-do are not transferred.

Do you know how could I change status from DONE to Arquived state after 30 days of a due date? I'm stuck with that need.

Is there a video explaining the content database i could really use something like that

Thanks for doing this! I try to built a kind of automated database and I would like to link a column to another one but with a selection. The column NAME contain the name of each program and I would like to built a column that show the program that must be done first before this one. So I would like to have a selection field but that is dynamic with the first column so if I add a new program (row in the table) it ll appear in the selection list! Is it possible?

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