Skyrocket Your Site: Free Speed Hacks for WordPress

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man love your videos , you are a genius , my score went from 39 to 99 , I dont know how is that possible

Goedemiddag Ferdy, wederom bedankt voor je duidelijke uitleg. Ik heb NitroPack toegepast en ik kom idd op een verbetering voor het aspect Prestaties voor mobiel en desktop naar respectievelijk 84 en 78. Bestaat er ook een plugin om de laatste horde naar 100 te overbruggen? Zo nee wat kan ik doen om snel een verbetering te realiseren? Hartelijke groet, Rob

@ferdykospershoek I had a lot of respect for you. But after watching this video, you made me believe that you are just another YouTuber who will promote worst products/ services in order to make an affiliate commission. When you know nothing about speed optimization stop creating the crap and misleading the community.

I tried it, it realy optimize the pagespeed results, but i didn't like adding "OPTIMIZED BY Nitro….." on my website pages using the free version. So i removed it

Does this speed up the backend? Thats what i'm also looking for.

one question… Can I use nitro pack and accelerator plugins at the same time… will that hurt my speed and site performance or make it better

for free, you have a big branding for nitro pack on your site at the end…

Ditto with mine. The Google Core Web Vitals score went from 37 to 90 for mobile and 87 for desktop. None of the other plugins did what this one did, including WP Rocket, W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Litespeed Cache, and so on. Thanks, man! Just one question, though. While my CWV improved, the pingdom and gtmetrix score remained in the B grade. What is wrong with these folks? Do they live in theory and not check real-world data the way CWV does? One video on this comparative aspect would be great!

Largest contentful paint in mobile i got 21,5 sec πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€

The sites I added Nitropack to all went down, one from 78 – 62 and the other from 72 to 64

OMG the end was hilarious! xD awesome video thank you so much!

Sometimes I feel like I live in a completely different universe…I installed the nitro pack and when I checked performance, it got a little bit worse at the beginning, and now after one hour is the same as it was before. Can this be because I don't have a lot of website visits since the website is only one month old?

My website keeps reloading after activating it .

Ferdy is one of my favorite YouTubers! You learn and get entertained at the same time! Good job bud!

Really a great plugin, but 16:31 says it all. It isn't really free. You pay with your real estate with a really hideous looking advertisment bar at the end of the page. I'd love to pay, but $21/month/website is too steep.


just make a video plz i like how you are crying 🀣🀣🀣🀣

wow the performance went up a lot! However now my footer has white edges left and right and some text is not aligned in the centre on the mobile version. Any idea on how to fix this?

Unbelievable, really. messing around trying to speed up my website from stupidly low scored, to considering redesigning the site with new framework and bang this tool solved most of my issues just like that.

I dread to think when they start charging :p

Hi Ferdy, I did everything you did but actually the score is worst than before. What's the solution? Thanks

Hi Ferdy, what is wrong with Nitropack? Is't it automatic. In Page Speed Insights, I still get error messages like 'Reduce unused CSS' and 'Above-the-fold images that are lazily loaded render later in the page lifecycle, which can delay the largest contentful paint. Learn more about optimal lazy loading.' Doesn't Nitropack delete unused CSS automatically?? Does't Nitropack have the ability to distinguish between above-the-fold and below-the-fold images and does it apply lazy loading whole-sale to all images?? Please reply soon.

Mine previous was 70 and after 80 not much

Unbelievable! 65 to 91 and I did nothing but install the plugin. Thank you! I worked for a week obsessing over this. BTW this is the free version. Get it.

It is important to note that it allows only 5000 pageviews monthly in the free version, which is not good for bloggers because blogs have a minimum of 6000 pageviews monthly by their admins.

Weird that my Accessibility decreased instead of increased πŸ˜… Would be nice if you could also make a video how to change for instance image sized manually. Thank you for the great videos☺

i guess for a simple website that would work well. but ive got a complex one, with custom css and lots of other plug ins, compressing js and css breaks my site, ive tried many plug ins, but some of them slow down the site even more…. anyone else has the same issue? if so how did you manage to optimize it with or without a plug in?

i tried it now! but the performance of my website fails!!! is this true?

Sorry but man… for me, NitroPack really sucks. 32 is the best Performance I could get out of it.

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