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First to comment ❤, nice as always sir

Do you still swear by Elementor because I was reading people’s comments on another one of your videos and people were saying that the code is unprofessional. Have any of your clients complained?

As for the website title, that’s our domain name? If so, what do you do if you already have a domain?

Great share, thank you very much.

Hey ferdy this is great thank you for your knowledge. So I would translate your content to Arabic.can I share it 😊

Hello Ferdy, Great and good to know.

If you make a video in Bengali, the video will be more viral. After watching your videos, I wanted to make a website, so I knocked you, this video making is very good.

Dat is nog eens een aanbieding. Top en bedankt voor de info en aanbieding

Thank you Ferdy!

Is siteground better?

Ferdy, you are the Best WordPress tutorial influencer on YouTube! Thank you for taking your time and going through videos step by step!


Hi Ferdy. I’m just a beginner and creating my e-commerce website. There a lot of videos on youtube how to built a website on WordPress and just a little bit about how to protect your website from hackers. Could you make a video regarding this topic. What list of security plugins must have everyone before launching the website. Thanks in advance 😊

Is Cpanel included with the hosting? What kind of backend functionality is allowed with the business or beginners plan?

So I did what you said, and paid for a web hosting plan, and the dashboard doesn’t even recognise that I have a plan that I paid for. I have to go to my billing section, go to pass payments and only then does it recognise that I have a plan with them? Probably gonna get a refund now.

will I get cpanel access?

hi please make a tuturial how to make food or health related websites with hostinger and tell all things how to customize theme and which plugins needs and which one theme is best and how to import demo etc its a request kindly make a tuturial

also tell about ahrefs

Hey Ferdy, just found your videos and I love them, I am a beginner and I've watched your videos about Vidi I want to turn into an agency at some point, should I use Elementor or Divi? I'll be signing up soon.

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