Craft Your Ultimate Notes Dashboard: A Notion Deep Dive

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Await can any databases send to the same archive ?!

Ugh I should have been here live. So many questions. Next time. Next time

Ugh I feel like all my questions would be semi answered by templates, but I don’t learn anything unless I do it myself, from scratch

I get so confused between making one database with different views (which I’d prefer if the “New” button would not show ALL the database properties and not just the properties in that view) vs. More databases. More databases just ends up being piles of old databases after time. Whereas one database I can pragmatically build for a future where I’ll be running all my own analytics across social platforms. I.e. I love that my CRM and CMS is combined. Though I use a separate Projects database for tasks and production. Basically everything is just those two databases though.

What is a use case where you wouldn’t want duel direction relations? Also I often end up using relations to the same database which is amazing but would be more amazing if when adding linked entries i could sort them by type (Project vs Task for example, which I have a mental logic struggle with separating as two databases — it is too black and white)

Hey all!

Introduction starts at 01:44, overview of the build starts at 05:39, and the actual build process starts at 12:36.

If you want this note-taking system as a template, you can get it here!

Ah-ha, okay I do that with my databases. Yay. But wait is it just going to sit there under Note Board? Like go away link to databases . Ohh okay Notes board is a dumping place, potentially to make other views from?

lol who shows database title unless on the main database page where hyou can’t hide it

Re: tabs vs side view, I wish I could open new instances of the actual notion app window

Omg advanced filtering makes so much more sense and “advanced” makes it intimidating. Damn you notion!

Interesting. I build backwards. Using template to build the database and then default different views to new filtered tabs or sections. Your way is way faster.

“Six dot” menu and “three dot” menu makes me LOL

Cute studio. AI?

Soon we’ll just tell AI what setup we want for a new tab view lol

What is that bar on the left of the web browser?!

I wanna be in that test flight lol

I see the flylighter waiting list is a Notion Page as a website. Been so curious about the SEO of that. I’ve read it isn’t great

Hey Thomas, you can add Spanish subtitles to better enjoy the content. Greetings!! 👋👋

Woah fly lights needs a new logo brah — maybe even just drop the booger/puke green that does not make me feel like something is trustworthy. Something that makes “fly lights” more intuitive a name cause it’s a thinker atm. Not a huge one but takes a moment. Like the idea of “highlighting” is … i mean idk the last time I used a highlighter and even with text (usually in notion) i don’t use it i color the text. “Capture” is modern. Idk why “copy paste” doesn’t trigger the word highlight in the brain. Copy is gold to pay into. lol now I’m getting asd fixated in unsolicited advice when all i wanted to say is the color theory of that logo is off for trust

How is hiding columns helpful when you can see them all in the “new entry” page??? Do people enter entries in the actual table view?? I just feel like if the “always hide” customization would DEFAULT to that entry page view pop up (slide over?).

Was curious about the Notion as a webpage SEO effectiveness because I love the idea of making my portfolio a database with a display page that served as the website, but am not sure this is realistic.

It is annoying, especially when i have to apply (sort and filter) everytime i add “tag template”
Anyway thankyou for the tutorial 🙏🏻

Thanks Thomas, very useful video. A valuable source of ideas to update my work Notes Dashboard.

Man, why does this guy have to be so perfect?

Why create tags as a page vs using the tags property?

just curious why not multiple tags to one note?

Amazing content, Thomas! Thank you.
Maybe you know how to make that Notion consider the end date as the 'due date', instead of the 'start date'? I've seen one of your videos explaining that, but it's from 2020 and i can't find that feature available in that place anymore. Do you know where it could be? Would be amazing if you could guide me on that. Many thanks again!

A must watch for sure

Thank you Thomas, for such an informative and thorough video. It's packed with useful insights! Could you offer your advice on how to handle nested subfolders—essentially, a good practice for organizing a 'tag within a tag'?

Awesome Notion masterclass! I'm loving the way you are breaking down each step and showing us how to build a Notes Dashboard. I'm definitely going to use this to help me to better organize my projects in Riples, the social platform for sharing and collaborating on projects.

Very nice your live performance thx for all those insigths

Great tutorial! I have one question: how can I sync data from separate databases?
For example: I have one database in which I have calculated a column.
Now I want to sync in a second database a column with the results from the first database to do further calculation.

Is that possible?

I want to use it. But I have no idea of how to feed your template. Plz do a session for how to use your template.

Thanks for the great course on Notion. For me, by the way, such a course is a training in English, because it is not my native language 🙂 Speaking speed of the presenter knocks down, but they give advice. Thanks.

I have been watching your videos, and you have helped me SO MUCH with learning Notion.

Quick Question: How does this ultimate notes database and the tags work alongside the PARA system? I can't seem to work this through myself. Maybe it's super obvious, I'm a noob. Lol

When you mention you can add "Favourite" page as widget on iPhone or Android, do you mean you have to use mobile browser on phone and add the page as shortcut on phone?

I love this, but I just finished the "Building a Second Brain from Scratch" tutorial and I don't know how to integrate this with that workflow…any tips?

What is inbox? Your every template has the inbox. I do not get this concept of Inbox. Can someone explain, please?

Please do explain what tags, favorite, recent etc pages are for? what is there aim?

I am new to this Notion. I am a beginner and don't even know how it works. some one suggested i need to look in to this product for collaboration. I have a couple of questions
1. Does this product support other language locals ? example Arabic, Japanese, Amharic..etc ..fonts ?
2. do you have a basic beginners course step by ste that i can use to actually start learning ?

SUGGESTION FOR FLYLIGHTER As a musician (it would change my life)

I already have my playlists to organize my references, but sometimes you save a song in "chorus ideas" and it would be great if you could leave a note developing the idea further ("see how the bass interacts with the…").

A lot of times you just forget. You know the song has a good chorus, but maybe you don't remember everything you thought of the first time.

I've always wanted to be able to make notes on a video that catches my attention and have them there when I go back. IT WOULD BE GREAT if it worked with spotify, but if it worked on YouTube music, I would definitely leave spotify for YouTube music, 100%.


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