Crafting Magic: From Zero to Hero in React Web Design

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Sir please make a video on MERN stack also.

this is amazing please create another project with typescript

bhai please upload more projects od js for Resume

Sir please create full stack
Amazon project

react js with tailwind would be perfect .

one of the best channel to learn react html css javascript etc, for better than many other

Do one Angular Js project

Create a navbar with many dropdowns like amazon dropdowns in a project because many agencies are using these now a days.

one of the best channel for learning programing languages with the help of project. If i say particular about this project you have cover hooks, one having little knowledge can understand the hooks that are used in this project like me. I have recently started learning react, with little knowledge of hooks i can understand why you have used all those hooks and the functionality of props. Great thnx for your effort towards us❀.
This is called industry level project that anyone can mention in his or her CV.

Bro upload complex ecommerce website using pure react js

Can you make a spotify clone using react and by using APIs to fetch the songs dynamically and add the functionality that are in Spotify like play pause seek etc.

Great content. Thank you very much

Owner of great stack can you create new channel for telling the ai tools like chatgpt please brother

Thanks for usefull content

sir how to change size of the caption and solve glitch of caption

Hello sir , do you design the website by yourself for this content

I am requesting you please make ui designing with react + css/any css frame works

Bro, which extention you use ?

Thank you very much for this content. I can't find the video in the description.

Please create one video on JWT authentication in ReactJS or NodeJS in such a way that any beginner can understand and can get a full explanation from scratch to advanced.

Why creating function expression components and not declaration? Is it important?

thank you I have been making this since yesterday but the toggle button is not working it is going to make me crazy

Am I the only one having issues with the Contact Page's responsiveness?

Sir please create a video url shortner, amazing interface will be create sir please 😊😊😊

Sir your all programming language video is amazing easy to understand any video thank you sir 😊

Thank you so much sir for this project.

Super each and every video is awesome,very useful ❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀❀for beginners,

Upload more react project

Logo image is not showing during development. Do you have a solution?

for the slideForward button a just add a new condition, so if you reach the last testimonial (4th) and clic forward button again it goes to the first testimonial:

const slideForward = () => {


if (tx > -50) {
tx -= 25
} = `translateX(${tx}%)`

if (tx === -50) {
tx = 25

🦨 πŸ°πŸ‡ πŸ•Š

I find the videos you make very useful. thank you for that. I created this website by following the tutorial and shared it on LinkedIn. I added the LinkedIn link to the comments under this video, but for some reason, it was deleted. How can I share this link with you?

do you have a backend code for this.

How to write a description for a React project brother
Please tell me😊

Link tag not working its showing blank screen output

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