Unlocking the Secrets of Expert Graphic Design

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Satori on this again 😅🎉

We are appreciate your hard work
You are awesome

Am glad to be following you ❤

Thanks for sharing this insights🖤🧡

I think what you're talking about is creating more dominance and emphasis with high contrast and energy. This is "breaking the rules" because proper design is a balance of the Principles. When you're trying to create more emphasis, you're creating intentional imbalance. This has a different sense and energy than "proper design". You're still following the rules, you're simply bending them to create another emotion other than pleasant design. The "murder" piece you pointed out still has an underlying structure. It's simply on a diagonal to create an imbalance in the viewer to make them feel uneasy. Which is the purpose of the piece.

A fantastic video … as good as ever .. thank you very much!

Acabou de me convencer sobre seguir tendências. Muito obrigado pelo rico conteúdo sobre design. Pra quem está começando no design, blog sobre o assunto tem sua importância? Pode nos indicar alguns?

The posters you used as examples.. were amazing.. would love to learn that .. if you could make some video with tutorial

I wanna thank you for the Chat GPT advide. AI kinda freaks me out, but if I'm gonna be competitive in advert design, I need to get comfortable. Anyway, Chat GPT really helped me work on my logo thumbnails for a class when I got stuck. The psychographics write-up helped me focus

"Knowing when and how to break the graphic design principles is a huge part of being a superior and advanced graphic designer." I have to respectfully disagree. Breaking graphic design principles is, far more often than not, proof that the alleged "graphic designer" never understood them to begin with.

I think this is for very advanced designers, some marketing agencies aren’t willing to take the risk. But I guess this is also why clients would higher freelancers for certain jobs. At the agency you have restrictions, but freelancers are free to explore more.

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