Unlocking Productivity: A Deep Dive into Notion Home

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This is relevant to my interests.

Database is a broad definition, maybe a database for content creators, nocode tools will always remain a nocode tool since it's limited by the makers of the service

Soo in other words Notion is becoming Evernote. 😂

Help me understand this one … We all love our custom Notion Dashboards … it's how everyone is creating a community. Is Notion Home not set up to destroy this concept?

I assume this is rolling out over time.

Notion looks way too complicated. no idea why anyone uses it. rather just use upnote

So, instead of databases, we will have a unified database with all the same features as current Notion. I’m not sure how much I agree, because without the separate databases what is left to interact with? Spacial computing has at least 10 years before it’s ready to replace standard computing. Voice control is not going to work for personal data systems. Privacy is a real issue.

I think you’re right that Notion will change significantly. However the changes to Notion will just bridge the skill gap for n00bs, and enhance the power of databases across all types of computing maybe even be it’s own operating system (but that’s in the distant future).

I love it the new home feature ❤

The argument for voice control completely misses the mark for me. Even now, I prefer to write this to you, even if I have the option to speak it. I can click through things much faster with a mouse than I could ever explain verbally. Not everyone likes to speak. The only alternative would be Neuralink, where I could do things with my thoughts.

How's Databases a problem for AI ? it's literally data well organised , computers love that

As a computer science student i don't get how well defined data is bad for AI ?

Can't wrap my mind around, is it not launched everywhere yet? I didn't see it anywhere across my devices…

Basic question: HOW do you get to "Home"?

I am a fan of Francesco’s content, however I find his predictions – at least regarding Notion – misguided. I recall a controversial post not that long ago where he predicted the end of Notion. It was shocking at the time, but thankfully the opposite of reality. Like that prediction, the idea of databases going away, I highly doubt to be reality. If anything I see it expanding – and I think Home is a view of this. Home seems to me really just a simplified step into databases that opens perhaps the expansion of databases. Either way, I’m glad he is seeing that Notion isn’t going away – far from it.

What you are saying is crazy, because the entire point of using notion is the flexible databases that are infinitely extensible. If they ditch databases many users will ditch the app. There are tons of todo list and list apps there is only one notion

Ah if this is the future then the future is truly terrible… Notion is based on the block-page-database basic approach. By removing/unifying Databases and pidgoenholing everyone into a 'simplified' experience they will likely be pulling an Evernote… Changing the fundamentals f for fluff no one really asked for😏

Also im i the only one who doesnt think AI will save us? I am happy to let it run Database Automations and Im happy for it to contextualize and synthesize my accumulated knowledge in a Google Notebook-esque manner and add maybe add voice to that but i think the knowledge worker needs to maintain their control over their individual process. Notion is spectacular for individualizing life processes for the knowledge worker – they shouldnt ruin that Or we will all be on to the next one😒

What may assist simplify things is an AI step by step database creator – something like – Lets create our first database… What would you like it called … What properties would you like to have… what metrics would you like to track … Are there any dates you need to keep track off… Where in your notion system would you like this database to appear… What view would you like to use there… Anyone you'd like to share it with … May simplify the database concept for the masses 🤔 heck give that to AI😂

I think many users chose notion in the first place thanks to that complexity and versatility to build what you want with it, to be mindful. What you explained goes in the completely opposite direction of something that requires no thinking.

Now I'm worried about thousands of items in my databases, where will they go? Will I have to move them to a different app? Should I stop adding now?

Databases are by far my favourite feature in Notion and the reason why I love it so much. 😍 I like to customize my notion and my databases and like the complexity and flexibility. (If you want a kind of Evernote, just use that. 😉)

Notions whole selling point is easy to create databases. It doesn't do much else better than the competition. Strange take, but appreciate the thoughts.

Love the look of this…. BUT what is the “Inbox” in the sidebar (on the official Notion video)? Skiff integration? Renamed “Updates” section?

I totally agree. AI is a game changer in all areas of our lives, especially Productivity. Francesco, you are truly a Productivity Futurist!

Databases maybe why most people use Notion, but Notion is not exactly frictionless. I suspect one goal they may have to open the app up to more users by making it a bit more frictionless. The apps that I’ve used that have a daily notes page with and advanced back-linking fit best in my work flow because I don’t have to worry about where I put content as long as tag it or link in. Notion makes it easy to set up databases but I sometime find it as a distraction.

love the evolution of keep productive! keep productive yall ⭐⭐

I don't think databases are going to go away. They'll just have a shiny new UI! I love where Notion is going. Every day I find about five cool new things that blow me away – you can do all of the artificial intelligence things you are talking about right now online for free – it's early days, but they're learning very fast and making exponential gains in ability. Everything is so disorganized, though. I am working on Notion organizing my day right now with the help of a few different AIs. I feel like I'm living in a SciFi book some days. =) I can't wait for Notion whiteboard, that is one of the few things I still have to do outside of Notion. Just found your channel and am really liking your content. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insight. 💚☀

they are indeed mental claims, manualisation? voice the new mouse? bringing agents back? Do you actually not realise how many apps use DB’s even if just for providing contextual lists? your ‘thoughts’ sound much more like idiotic rambling. Notion is improving the accessibility of the powerful toolbox they provide. No way they’d throw their foundation away – last time I granted you a few minutes of my life, what nonsense!

databses are quite good like its the entire point of notion. but if you could use notion without needing to engage with databases it opens up options i guess, but 'killing off' databases is just crazy talk

youre right, notion is very flexible in terms of what it offers, thats why its so popular, so going in this direction creates huge limitations. As someone who is a heavy user of AI, I personally do not like the feel of this at all. I feel AI can easily be implimented in a way that doesnt heavily restrict the versatility of Notion, by making the user have to define things within their database which is alreaady possible by ading descriptions to databases and properties Looks like its turning into a Task management program. You can make a program support task management without limiting it. So it all opperates around the assumption that i have my tasks spread throughout multiple databases? which i feel like most people who use notion have a singular task database and use the property features to distinguish the context of the tasks. It just seems so limiting for them to impliment this by giving options to turn a database into a 'task' database. Notion has always given you tools and allowed you to have free reign on the context you use those tools in, why is this tool shoved into a specific context? It should be a general extension of the database feature, period. The argument that they have to decide the context of how we use a database for it to be utilized by AI is bs, and im not excited about the direction notion is moving in, they are doing themselves an injustice

When is this going live? Don’t see it on the web version.

The expansion of AI can be both good and bad for Notion users. AI will likely replace complex formulas, filters, templates, and automations that currently help us return information at the appropriate time and place. On the other hand AI could dampen the creativity and autonomy you have over your workspace, creating a disconnect between you and your work.

I haven't got the update yet, is that normal? When will I get it? I wanna tryyy😞

Can you show us how Home looks on mobile, please?

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