Eye Direction Swap: Mastering 2 Photoshop Hacks!

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you're like the brad pit of youtube

5:25 "captain jack sparrow version" haha u got me boss

I don't know why, but every neural filter for face works terrible in my PS.

Most possibilities with eyes into liquify tool except eyes direction

0:16 the design is very human 😂😂😂😂

how on earth did you read my mind!! I was just about to type this into Youtube. I worked with a vision impaired model last weekend and it was very difficult to get her line of vision directly into the lens. Thank you so much for sharing so much of your knowledge.

this is also great if you have to fix someones photo who has a lazy eye

Thank you so much

What was wrong w the neural filter version? I am looking in iPhone so maybe my screen was not big enough to see. Thank you.

This is some creepy sht 😂😂

I'm glad to see u again 😭

very nice, and usefull

Dude have find way accidentally for him and now it's tutorial 😂 it can also save your future gf from looking up on other girls 😃

Great video as always ❤

Since Vtubers are trending these days and in high demand, it would be awesome if you had a full tutorial on how to properly cut and organize character parts in Photoshop before uploading them to Live2D.

bro fixing stuff i don't even see

The first time he is using actual quality photos people are actually editing in photoShop 😂😅

CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW VERSION, best line in the episode

❤❤ Sir please…..
Share name of screen recorder you are using…..

Thank you very much!

You are a Genius!!! 👏👏👏

This is your golden words
. . . " keep creating ". . .

Sir i am beginner in ps and i am facing issue of drang and drop can u fix it or give any suggestion

thanks random photoshop expert guy

Great video! But I want to add something you didn't mentioned… Eyes iris physically stick out a bit, that causes skin to stretch in the direction person is looking in. So ideally you also need to use liquify to correct the shape of eyeholes.

Welcome to Colorado, you should check out Garden of the Gods while you are there.

Bro you are a lifesaver

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