Unlocking Time: Notion's Latest Game-Changing Features!

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Are there any ways to use this (or Thomas' "Automated Recurring Tasks using the API") to have the recurring tasks remind you each time?

I don't quite undertsnad. I'm looking to make a simple school schedule since my current online schedule is laging, sometimes erasing what I noted. Can I do that with that feature? I've never used notion for other thing than taking notes, writting my homeworks and establishing a list of documentation to watch, so I'm really confused about how this recurring thing works.

Yay! Recurring! Thank you for showing us! I love the new properties too!!

Anyone tried to compute a roll up based on relations of instatiated repeating pages? It seems that the relation/rollup does not see the automatically generated instantiations. If I create an instantiation manually or remove and add back the relation to the ones generated by the repeat function, then the rollup takes them in consideration.

Really useful one!!

Thanks for this Thomas! May I know how to get those boxes or borders around your texts in 1:27 ?

Studio Tour Please!

How did you get the cleaner state icons for your tasks?

Once the recurring task function gets better, I can quite TickTick, but now it is not good enough…

Whenever you add a background color to a heading, add a single space before the first character, it makes the heading look like really nice banner. 'Title' becomes ' Title' looks really nice

흥미로운 설명 감사해요 ^^

not really useful, tbh you've become very greedy in the past period, what a shame

I am glad I jump in yo notion and understand it when it was simpler. If I would start right now it would be very difficult to learn. I am affraid to skip a notion update and then not knowing what to do with my notion system.

You videos are great.

SO MUCH GOLD!!! Thanks Thomas 🥳

is there a way where I can do recurring tasks with a habit tracker?

Thank you for this video. I already made some changes to my workspace. I use a habit tracker, which rolls up to a weekly report. Now I don't have to remember creating a new page every day.

Geese I can't keep up with all these amazing updates! Have to update my templates and everything again!!!

Thomas, I purchased your Ultimate 2nd Brain, although I figure out how to set up a recurring template. Do you have a video or written instructions

I feel extremely lucky for discovering notion 3 months after this feature was introduced lol. I'd only intended to use it for creating a monthly check-list of bills to pay, but after watching this video I'll definitely use it for habit tracking and/or daily journaling as well!
Also, does anyone know of a way to create recurring reminders? From what I've got from the video, it shouldn't be possible, since it's impossible to reference the template itself in reminders.

I’m not a wedding planner but my job has some similarities in that it’s similar big projects over and over. I need a project list that will automatically date the tasks based upon the big day. I need to be able to see tasks due today from all of the open projects.

the width tool is really great for multi-column layouts, but it's a shame that you can't do it if the multi-column layout is in a synced block…🤔

Can I/how can I apply this to the task manager in Ultimate Brain for recurring tasks?

Recurring template doesn't work for calendar view, any suggestions?

Are we able to stop recurrence based on some condition? I have a task specific journal that spans one week. A new journal for the task gets created every Monday. Can I have the journals stop recurring once the task is complete?

Thank you so so much Thomas , I tried everything possible to get free useful template but apparently it wasn't free. And then I accidently came across your channel and got the template which will immensely help me in future. You got a new subscriber man!

I have one problem. How can I make a recurring task notify me every week on tuesday for example, because the recurring task is just appearing, but is not notifying me. And if I try to set this up in the template itself I can't set up notification without a date and that date does not update itself, am I right? I would really appreciate your help or anyone's help 🙂

All I wanted is to turn my text entries to be tags , I have save to notion , and I have to pick 10+ tags every time I race in a game , and those tags match text in the page , so either I have everything in notion with text , or I have tags but I have to pick them manually every time which sometimes not to bother I even delay my racing , I've been trying everything but nothing seems to work , can you please help with your notion knowledge ? Can't do with formulas , Can't do with relations or rollups , Can't do?with templates , hat can I do

Hi Thomas,thanks for your video, I recently encountered an issue about repeat template , when I set a 3 -day task repeat, it will automatically display WITHOUT date in my database, I wonder did U experience as well? Would you elaborate further? Thanks in advance 😊

Thank you! Love your videos. I've been using Notion for a while as a student. Now that I'm working full time I am using Notion to keep track of work tasks. I rely on your videos to learn the more advanced features of Notion so I can stay on top of everything.

is there a way to automatically archive the previous templates?

I just watched your task management video and there’s a recurring/one-time column you did. Does this new reoccurring feature eliminate the purpose of that column (from the other video)?

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