Unveiling the Magic: 10 Wonders of Notion AI

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Answering a few common questions here:

– "What is Notion?"

I think this video has gone beyond the Notion niche here on YouTube, so if you're confused or new to Notion, it's essentially a productivity app/no-code tool that lets you build your own custom dashboards and workflows. It's great for taking notes, tracking tasks, managing projects, and a lot more.

Here are some of my build guides: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzyqWC0hTxc-hJH2n6mVp1W8OAPSl1kcV

Here's my playlist for beginners: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLzyqWC0hTxc-4cuvDjb1eTMes0OoFV2B_

– "Why not just write the code yourself?" (in Example 7 at 07:22)

I've seen quite a few programmers give this feedback, and I can see why – the example I showed in the video required a pretty verbose prompt.

But it can currently write useful code even with a shorter prompt, such as "In JavaScript, write a function that reverses the order of the elements in an array and also reverses the order of the characters in each element's string."

Notion AI answered this correctly in about 3 seconds; more importantly, I didn't know how to write a function like this.

Hopefully this second example demonstrates how AI can be quite useful in a programming context!

Today, we have to search Stack Overflow or go through code documentation to learn how to use syntax that we don't currently know. Tomorrow, we may still do that – but we'll also be able to simply write a prompt like the one above – if not for writing production code, at least for learning!

Pro-tip: I've found that you can also ask Notion AI to ~explain~ what a piece of code is doing.

Loved the video Thomas, crazy good editing and lighting and cinematography and what not. Also helps that its very educational

What is it with Pokémon being used as tutorials for programming. Had one at work. It both flummoxed my colleague who knew nothing about Pokémon but it flummoxed me as they used it to search for any Pokémon who shares moves with Pikachu which was all but 5 in Gen 1 as Pikachu can learn protect.

Is there limit of highlighted words of a document that notion ai can read and answer questions?

Do you know if Notion will use Chat GPT 4?

What LLM does it use? Is it running with an OpenAI API?

Hello Thomas, thanks for the video first of all!
I wonder what brand and model your microphone is.

Interesting but no where near advanced than chat gpt.

I don't understand how this is different from ChatGPT which also does all these things but for free

amazing video edit and quality, wow!

Hey Thomas, is there a reason why you don't use Taskade instead of Notion? It also has AI and it's free.

Looks like AI is taking all thr desk abs at home jobs… Looks like we have to go out and physically work abd deal with traffic…. This is just gonna get worst

Regarding the math equation, it's so weird how it messes up on the last step (forgets to multiply by 4) when calculating in units, even though it literally wrote it out in it's equation (4 * 3.14159 * 20^2). And at the same time it's correct when calculating the equation in pi (4π(400)).

Perhaps it messes up because it has to do multiple multiplications within a single calculation? In the first one, it has to solve 20^2 (20*20), and then multiply the product with 4 AND 3.14159. In the latter, it only has to calculate 400*4 and output the product as π.

Still… If this is correct (i.e. that it gets overloaded by the amount of steps within a calculation) it's weird that it fucks up by forgetting a number of the equation exists, rather than e.g. solving the equation in the wrong order, like
4 * 3.14159 * 20^2 = 251.3272^2 = 63165.3615

The german is correct, but not a 100% translation, but good enough

I'm having a hard time getting the correct formula. Can you look at what I have and tell me how to fix it? "if(and(prop("Category 2") == "❓ Quiz")), if(empty(prop("PASS / FAIL"))), true)".

I´m from germany, the translation looks fine!

OMG you are a beast

Please keep us posted with Notion AI 😁

So notion AI is just a bad version of chatgpt for which you also have to pay?!

🎯 Key Takeaways for quick navigation:

00:00 🚀 Notion AI is in alpha, adding text generation and AI features to Notion workspaces.
01:28 📝 Notion AI can outline blog posts and generate lists, making content creation easier.
03:23 📊 You can use Notion AI to create comparison tables, though it may require some refinement.
04:24 🔄 Notion AI allows you to continue writing to add more detail to generated content.
05:54 🔡 Notion AI can help fix spelling and grammar errors in your content.

Made with HARPA AI

I mean it is a nice feature to have but I wonder if it's worth the 10$ when you already have GPT 3.5 available for free…

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