Craft Your Own Website for Free Using Notion: A Guide

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This is dope. Just in love with the video and styles used

Super Cool Thomas that's what I actually wanted

thanks for your content sharing.

Hi Thomas, my notion site is now public but when I use my copied link from the "share" button, it always takes me to a "Continue to external site by following the link below" warning first before going to my notion site. I noticed that your page doesn't have this issue. Was there anything you did to prevent this from happening? Thank you for the amazing tutorial!

Hi, Thomas. You're the best and your work is superb!

How do we know what to choose? Something Notion specific or something more standard like WordPress?

This video was really helpful…best so far❤

Saw this just now and it's liquid gold!

Thankyou for the video. It helped me create my portfolio, but my published page by default shows Light mode even when i send others, i know cntrl +shift+ L will fix it, but is there any other solution?

I would use this for my copywriting portfolios
Thanks 😊

nice video, but why the gallery view doesn't show up after I publish my site?

Sooooo helpful! THANK YOU!

thank you for this video 😍

Web developers been really quite since this dropped.

Where do you host it though?
Wouldn’t you need to pay for that?

Came here to learn how to build a basic website, learnt how to build my business. Thomas you are so good.

thank you so much <3

Love it! Thanks Thomas for the great tutorial and inspiration

Thank you and God bless you

The fact that you used your own work for the portfolio was actually motivating, it's still quite hard for me to promote my own work so I hope I can get at least have that kind of confidence or love for my own work, love the informative tutorial as well with you explaining everything and why you design the layout a certain way, as well as share free alternative tools

This is amazing. Thank you so much!! I wonder though, if lottie files can be displayed in a Notion portfolio?

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