Master Your Day: Unpacking Daily Planner Apps

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Would you consider MS To Do linking in with Outlook to essentially be a daily planner app?

What about calendar functionality in ticktick? Why isn't it daily planner?

Thoughts while watching:
What is 50%?
Task abilities not enough… like what?
Planners more expensive – I think because of automation and integrations.
You say Morgen 10-15 but it is £7.33 billed yearly…

What about Sunsama?

Basically planner apps are ideal if you like to do sophisticated time blocking

I’ve tried everything! All the planner apps feel half baked when it comes to the todos and project management. Motion is the best attempt so far but it’s way too expensive for individual use. Currently settled on ToDoist with the Fantastical integration so I get the best of both worlds.

Right off the bat, I see that Fantastical is in the wrong place. It should be in the middle because it does both tasks and events very well.

I really like Amie, but the app lacks some basic stuff: recurring tasks, Apple calendar/reminders, outlook. I’m using Spotify and Apple Fitness+, and because of that, I can’t wait for Amie to have the missing features and I will 100% use it daily. I also love the Notion integration from Amie. Until then, I will use Fantastical.

I thought daily planner apps combine calendar, tasks, AND notes? I'm super interested in seeing a video about that!

Two of the few (coda, notion, clickup, GCal, goalscape, capacities, hepta', etc) I use are Akiflow and Motion. If I could merge those two together w/ subtask functionality, that'd be perfect

I‘m really excited for the new MS planner, which integrates with loop, outlook and so on. If the ms apps merge, become intuitive and get a fresh design, they will become interesting.

What about Taskade?

I just renewed Sunsama. I also use Todoist, and I'm thinking of getting Fantastical too. I know having all the features in one app is ideal, but they all do their thing in a way that is hard for the other apps to emulate. Ideally at some point Todoist will be able to reblace Sunsama.

Why doesn’t everyone just use Google Calendar?

Microsoft really dropped the ball here by not transitioning the full desktop outlook to web and mobile. All this stuff is just OG MS Outlook.

Where prices are going is a concern, especially for those outside the US or the UK where monetary values differ. Like Australia, where an Australian dollar buys 65 US cents. $19 US per month subscriptions are $30 per month in Australia. $10 US per month subscriptions are $16.50 per month here. They all add up… Fine for businesses who can absorb into business costs and tax deductions, even rewards points added to your business credit card. But for the personal user and students, absolutely of no interest.

What do uthink of MOtion? are there any smilar apps that autoschedule for u and also have goals for ur life where u do goals every week.

Amazing Marvin is rarely mentioned, but is an incredible all in one tool. Perfect for adhd.

I really like your perspective on what makes a tool fit in a specific category, based on how it well it does that particular thing!

I use Artful Agenda which is a planner app and bills itself as such. It's only about 45 a year…about the cost of a good luxury paper planner…its marketed largely to women but had gender-neutral “covers” and things so I think a man could use it too. It's not a editable pdf planner, it's software. Much cheaper than a lot of the options I've seen. I'd encourage a look!

Hello All, Love the channel. Great tools and tips as always. I have a question for a long time that i think it would be a great idea for a video. When using tools as Todoist, for example, which is best for using, the web version or the app? I have a M1 Mac that allow me to have access to the MacOs and iPad Apps of most of those Apps you mentioned. But I often wonder of which version should I use? Maybe there is no difference. I leave the answer to the professionals of Keep Productive!!!

Tick tick integrates with my calendars, imports all my plan and allows me to then put all the tasks and to my time blocking

Does OmniFocus do both task management AND calendar?

My two requirements that I need are dragging tasks within a calendar, and tasks having a due date AND a start date (work on this today)

Taskito is a great app too.

would love to see todoist with a feature, where you can focus on one task after another, like the focus mode in sansama or pomodoro or something like that.

Any thoughts on Structured Daily Planner on iOS?

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