Banish Banding! A 3-Step Guide for Smooth Photoshop Edits

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Its my favourite channel ❤

The problem with this is it causes Photoshop to lag like crazy when you save your file. Takes way too long. And your file size increases a lot too. A simple file like like goes over 1 GB easily. Don't work in 16 bit unless you need to.

People have so many jpeg images made with smaller sensors…it’s good to know there are solutions to ‘save’ those treasured images!!

"That is definitely causing banding in my head." 😂 Hilarious comment! I will definitely have to remember that one and use it myself

Has no one ever told you that your eyes, your teeth, and everything else are the same color as your skin tone?

Excellent video, very useful advice! Thank you! What about using frequency seperation (using blur on the tones' layer) for banding removal?

Having worked in many of the top retouching studios, I can tell you none of them work in 16-bit. It is useful to initially process 16-bit RAW files, but they are always processed down to 8-bit for retouching. THEN, as a very last step, convert back to 16-bit, flatten, then back to 8-bit for the final delivery. What this achieves is to render your adjustment layers in 16-bit. Any banding you may have while working in 8-bit is removed in this final step.

You always put up great courses, I subscribe and enjoy them.
I had a question about images like this, so thanks for clearing it up

Chanel related graphic

Sadly, my photos do not have banding but posting them on social media, banding appears lol. Those social media devs should have fixed it.

Your face looks like real photoshoped😂

Anupam from Shark tank india

I think you are not that great photoshop instructor

Plzz quit YouTube

IS there something wrong with the links for the compositing plugin? its not working for me

I just have to say, as a professional photographer coming from the photojournalism side of things, I've had to learn a lot of tricks in Photoshop when I got hired onto a marketing department. You've been a life saver for years. I appreciate that you put this stuff up for free and you are a very good teacher on top of things. So, thank you to you and your team.

Thanks for all lifesaving efforts. Congratulating myself as I found you on YouTube!!.

Quick question: I vaguely remember that switching to 16 bit cause some features to be unavailable or some other problem in Ps. Does anybody know more precisely what I'm talking about, and if it still applies?

Just a question. At 3:21, is there a reason you created another layer with a mask, instead of painting directly onto the smart filter's mask?

Problem soleved in under 1 min! Love it

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