Unlock Your Design Genius: One Video to Rule Them All

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Very helpful video ..

Danko! for being a informative resource for us creatives

Hello Satori,I recently did my graphic design course I have a software knowledge on illustrator and photoshop and some adobe suite I have been following you to gain the design knowledge and your works really helps me a lot It will be so helpful if you provide designing courses for exact beginners like me to work faster as there are so many videos don't know what to watch for the first,Its a humble request from me to provide beginner playlist for guys like me to enter into this design field fearlessly REALLY THANKS FOR SHARING YOUR KNOWLEDGE

Such an improvement! Only thing I'd touch up is making the contact us box from orange into the the same blue to off balance that striking blue text 🙂

Another very informative video

1001th Video ❤ love you my teacher 🎉

Client will still say. It looks boring and empty.

Never fails to teach something new. Keep up the amazing work satori!

Nice Video, Very Helpful.

I am working on email mobile signature and Digital Business Card. I am a student. My Target Audiences are Students and Teachers. How can I make it better?

Is there something in that cup? Thanks for your answer 😉

That cta is horrible!! “Contact Us” as a cta is just so off, mixes into the same as any other business

I have accidentally deleted designs I liked… the redo goes pretty fast, has smaller files, and almost always is better. I don't recommend this as a general workflow habit- but I will say, it has similar results as doing a careful review. lol.

Honestly the before design is better then the after one in your thumbnail Master/ Sensei

I was hidden, now I'm getting out of this orange box

I'm a beginner graphic designer, I can create simple things like social media posts, letterheads, business cards, brochures, etc.
, but these things are no longer profitable.
attention anymore so I don't know what to do and Should I also pick one thing and be good at it or try to learn many things at once and people are doing very progressive work in this field and I don't know after How do I improve my relationship with myself, because even though I haven't worked with a real client on the simplest things I can't directly proceed first?

Honestly, removing copy text is something i always want as a designer but none of the clients want it.. they want everything on the page.
Recently i had to make a cover for an FB page of a school and the content was overloaded with copy text.. it took me lot of iterations and some convincing to get it work but obviously with all the copy text.

Thanks for the great inspiration. Clients always seem take the introduction of white space and "air" as an invitation to decide that some frivolous unnecessary additional element has to fill the space I've just created.
My only gripe would be with the film example I'd bring some of the top line wording forward over the pic … otherwise that HL could be "We Make Film", "We Take Film", or even "We Fake Film".

I really like the font on the Rx website 5:08, does anyone have the name of it?

One more great video!
The camera one is big for me, because my inner artist always tempts me to decorate needlessly. I needed the reminder.

Great video, something I’ve learned from music production is that there should only be one featured point of interest. Everything around that should only serve it, not compete for attention.

I use to love your before and after videos but for some time now you have stopped making videos on that

this video is superb! and right in time for me. I always beat myself up choosing the best design variations. More vids like this would be awesome! Anyway thank you so much for making this!

Wow, this was recommended to me through shorts and I'm in a place now which I can't be creative and do my assignments well. they are a mess and I am afraid i won't be a good designer in the future and questioning my decisions.. saturday I worked on a project's sketches for a whole day and couldn't do something slightly good and now i see this video. definitely will watch it now. maybe I will learn why I SUCK

1:32 Just blew my mind how you fixed it in by just moving few of the things on same design… Thank you always for helping us out in the field of Graphic Design


I agree you, Sir, can't agree you more

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