Unveiling Scrintal: Where Obsidian Meets Miro Magic

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Obsidian is free and offers more – I am not sure what scrintel adds 🤷‍♂

¿What's the difference between this tool and heptabase?

It doesn't make sense to avail any paid software when you're not a business.

Scrintal missed the boat by being too long in development, Obsidian coming up with Canvas and their constant updates made Scrintal just another canvas app.Even Heptabase developed faster and though Scrintal is cheaper, there is nothing groundbreaking here to justify the price. Scrintal is either going to fade away or going to be something niche.

Looks like a bit of a mix of mind map and chunk map. Would have liked a free tier to check it out properly, and not having to spend £66 to try it out.

Thank you for this review. Two important elements missing to be tempted : when will IOS Version follow ? More importantly, what is your take on importing data (currently using bear, which is nice, but also talks to no other app…)
Thank you !

What are the best AI tools for productivity? Like taskade but loosk kidn of messy tbhh

I like the sound of this and how it feels but the design is pretty ugly : / It has similar functionality to ClickUp Whiteboard.

I really don't understand apps that don't have a trial.

I love Scrintal, but it needs two features to make it unbeatable. First, the ability to label the links between notes. This would make Scrintal more useful for building concept maps. Second, the ability to export the notes from a board as one, concatenated Word or markdown file. Imagine being able to pull your notes together in a board, arrange them, and then have Scrintal assemble them into one document!

the issue with apps like this and heptabase is that they lack Apple Pencil support

I love Miro so much, please make more videos about useful Miro features!

Looks kind of Craft-ish…

The UI of these apps alone makes me want to jump in and try them, but I have found I never adopt a look this sexy. I found Workflowy a few weeks back and its the first tool I have ever used every day, from day 1 and now I couldn't live without it. It's my first "tool" where it just feels "right". Not a good looking as this app, but I think that's why I have stuck with it. It seems so simple in the UI that I don't get overwhelmed

I have been an 'early adopter' of Scrintal since the early days and I have seen steady, careful development where basically everything works. I'm with Stephen Zeoli and saying — like all Zettelkasten-style writers — that it needs a means of merging or concatenating notes. The visual arrangement is perfect for seeing all those atomic or fleeting notes and joining them (or not) in a good way. But then there will be the need for a composite Markdown to edit further in the publishing workflow. Also Scrintal lacks a way of capturing those fleeting notes — Obsidian/Heptabase/Tana etc have iOS apps for adding content from mobile devices — although the web version is very responsive and does work on a mobile device albeit with the faff of going through a browser tab.

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