Unlocking Magic in Design: A Principle Revealed!

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Thanks for watching ❤


Thank you master Chief!

Sir how to become a type designer

make a video on this topic that how start as a Beginner please sir

How do you start a design? what's the steps of your work

The use of motion graphics im these videos makes them all the more difficult to click away from ❤

7:13 Red text over a bluish image? Really hard to read.

Please make a video on Logo Presentations as well, really need it 😮‍💨

I want to express admiration to you, for creating incredible content on YouTube. Your videos are truly inspiring! I'm glad to have a creator like you on YouTube who makes content enjoyable to watch and highly motivating. I want to extend my gratitude to you and your team for the hard work and effort you put into creating such fantastic content. Thank you!

Love you master ❤

New video! Yaaayyy❤

It's always refreshing to go over the basics again, great video.

Hi there, I noticed all your videos are copyrighted yet there is no mention or credit to any of the designers' work you feature in each of them anywhere. Could you please start adding them in the description box in the future?

I'm Sorry Satori, I have some unfinished questions from the last video about my comment. Pls Clarify it, So I could Improve. Very Good Very Helpful.

3:50 What is the beautiful font?

As you are in the image of the video, you do not appear in front of the camera😍

Thank you ❤️‍🩹

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