Meet AFFiNE Pro: The Perfect Blend of Notion & Miro

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Affine is my favorite pasta shape! fr though, this looks very promising

Wow! Actually really liking the setup of this app. Cant wait to see how people use it. Love how simple it is.

I put a comment ages ago asking for more open source stuff. And you've done 2 in close succession. Superlist and this. Honestly really cool! Keep it up!

Review 'AnyType' the actual Notiom baby😅

I'm a solo, freelance 3D animator. I've been looking for a good tool to be able to have a more interactive, visually helpful way of sharing projects between myself and my clients without simply inviting them to my clickup. I've long used Miro for this, but it has definitely felt more restrictive as far as communicating a project's stage of completion alongside the visual elements.

This just might solve that problem for me in being able to have both quality info, and mood/story boarding in one place for them. Thanks for bringing light to this.

I want obsidian document view and excel type in this too

It's open source 😱😱 I wasn't expecting that.. more and more productivity apps should be open source and 'privacy respecting'

not working (now) with PDF documents.

Thanks for introducing the tool. would be really curious about the comparisons among those visual note taking apps including affine , scrintal, and heptabase.

Does it have wikilinks [[didn't work]]

Yes, you can present frames in Miro as a presentation

Yes there’s a presentation mode in miro

Notion can easily add that feature and kill this app entirely. Too buggy. Can't add stickers that you create on edgeless into page. Thought it was supposed to connect one part to another.

I'd be interested in what you think of Siyuan. I just discovered it and it feels like a better obisidian. It's chinese so not very well known in the space but seems to have a lot of potential.

Yeah folks don’t get too excited. It’s incredibly buggy and unreliable. Have been trying to use it for a while but half the board functions just stop working randomly with elements disappearing out of the blue.

YESSS finally a company that gets it. make this automatable i.e. make the colors infer themselves from note types, templates etc. and you have me and many more people as a customer!

Thats really powerful.

Your videos are good, but the huge cursor is very distracting and doesn't look great. Can you lower the size to something more natural for your future videos? Just a suggestion.

I paid for Affine Pro, and feel it's not ready for prime time in its current state. I think that Heptabase is a better tool in this space. I don't work for Heptabase, but it's a well thought out product with very low friction for data entry.

it's more like a first step to notion.
a great app I can suggest or recommend to my kids until they learn basic programming or get serious about productivity to finally introduce them to notion.

I finally managed to launch my expense tracker android app.

I would really appreciate if you could give me some feedback so I can go updating and improving it.

Thank you very much, really. I hope I can improve a lot! 🙂

Here you have the links to the Play Store:

Can i add countdown timer in this software for tasks or in tables?

for selfhosted I never again will pay another stupid subscription, Affine it's expensive!!

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