Unveiling the Fresh Face of Google Tasks!

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No thanks. Google will shut it down in the future.

What I was missing is an overview with all upcoming tasks ordered by due date independent from the list they're in …

It's actually not new so this is a tutorial
Web layout only though not in the mobile apps

"111 weeks ago" looks like my usual task list ๐Ÿ˜€

Check Google Taskboard

Until they make it to where you can schedule tasks for more than 30 minutes, I still think google tasks misses the mark.

it would be just perfect if it had tags feature. i would transition completely.

I wish I could move them into the calendar and do tasks as time blocks – and tick them off from the calendar

It's still awkward on mobile. It needs proper Today/Tomorrow sections cause I don't want my Google Calendar to be clogged with tasks.

The "from a document" feature. How do you do that?

Still no color or duration. Once I put 20 tasks on the weekly calendar, there is no way to know at a glance to what project they belong. I tried adding emojis but it was too labor intensive. Google is 10 years behind on the task functionality.

Hello Google? Shared task lists? No?

it needs tags, and separate boards for separate projects. then maybe.

It still lacks one, for me indispensable, feature: smart "text to date" aka recognizing the date by typing it. It makes the whole experience faster and smoother. It is present on todoist and I don't know why Google keeps avoiding implementing this feature.

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yeah i had this for months now. Theres some new integration rolling out with Gimini. i wish Google task had natural language where I can type in a task today for tomorrow and it put it on my task list for tomorrow like TickTick.

Maybe ferrariโ€™s strategy team needs to try the new google tasks system this season; help them to remember cars use 4 tires to get around. i joke as a Leclerc fan!

Google tasks is far behind when it comes to task management tools, it doesn't even have dark mode which many people would like.

Kind of clickbait as this had been out for a while now.

Very useful ๐Ÿ˜‰

Google Tasks seems very simple still, but do we really need all those fancy features some project management apps have? Gantts? Workload Management? Graphs? Dependencies? I think most people and small-medium businesses would be get by fine with something like Google Tasks and the Docs/Sheets/Slides combo, sometimes we just like to overcomplicate things.

Does it have… No, no that would be asking for too much. I could not possibly have such unreasonable expectations, what's wrong with me. And yet, I wonder…

Goes to check

Nope. Still no dark mode.

I'm still amazed Google Tasks has no search capability. Without a global search it's way too basic. And no natural language processing ???๐Ÿ˜ข

What is the function to display the location at the top of the days in the calendar? Home, office, coffee shop house 2…

Google Tasks with no "Reminders Before Due Date" is useless. Is very important to be reminded about Tasks that are about to due date-time. Even Google Keep has the functionality.

Literally no body asked for this, we have been asking google for task duration and better UI on mobile applications ๐Ÿ˜ข I guess itโ€™ll kill third parties applications where they make money.

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