Revolutionize Your Schedule with Reclaim AI Planner!

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Robust szheduling experience indeed 😂

One thing that bothers me about reclaim is thay when u dont do a task it doesnt automatically reschedule it. This is one thing i prefer in motion.

Is this only browser based or does it have iOS and Mac apps too? I can’t find details on their website.

Thanks for the review 🥳

I personally think that this is a bad idea to allow AI to decide what should I do next. I don't know myself that well, no machine can know me better 😄

This looks great but good luck getting corporate IT to approve use of apps like this. So unfortunately it's only for self employed/small teams or personal productivity youtubers 🙂

Have you ever heard Moleskine Journey? I was looking for Moleskine Studio and this app showed up. Do you know anything about this app? Thank you

Outlook is commong soon 😂, great, that's what they say since 2 years

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