Revolution or Ruse? Unveiling Photoshop's Latest Tool

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nice review. It would be interesting to have same edge detection than in camera raw. By the way, doesn't this way of working mean Adobe wants to implement camera raw features in PS ?

I always learn so much by watching your videos.

there is a similar tool in snapseed for years and i use that all the time, where a brush can adjust dodge and burn levels, saturation, exposure. this is a good tool

❀❀❀❀thanks sir

I didnt see three candles out there anymore..hahaha

It seems Unmesh ji just wake up and the beta force him to make it πŸ˜‚

BTW info is awesome ❀

Hi unmesh do a tutorial video about how to edit wrist watch for product shoot

My favourite PS channel πŸ˜€

But seems first example has been quicker then usual way :D.

Captain Jack Sparrow πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

hum… Lazzy Tool for Lazzy People…

android app "Snapseed" doing it from 10 years ago πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Should I uninstall the non-beta photoshop first, to install the Beta one???????

It would be more useful if rather it would Auto Mask as you paint, like the one we have on Lightroom… I bet you have some tutorial that would make me hate less the Select and Mask interface…

This man is awesome…So simple steps to explain the concept!

I wish that would open the RAW filter panel

Hasn't this feature always been available in Lightroom and Camera Raw? It seems to work exactly the same

The fact that Adobe are sinking time into developing this instead of real, needed improvements to Photoshop is a really big shame!!

Battery last 30 minutes, what's the point no good for surveillance

So they brought tools from Lightroom new into photoshop. Personally, it's about the same as dodge, but I'd use this more than dodge.

Did you switch to a mac?

This is great,much faster and easy accessible, I wonder if there will be. lighting Effects in beta, they took it off again..

Great video, as always! You showed, that everything can be done in a thousand different ways in Photoshop. For me it replaces the need to burn/dodge on a separate layer with a white and black brush. In this case (it is actually the first example you show) it is a quick help.

And besides there is something else that is important in this development of Photoshop: The App – while being mighty as nothing else! – is a dinosaur. It is highly welcome that Adobe thinks of better, faster, easier ways to achieve common image editing.

I honestly don’t get the use of this.. isn’t this literally just for people to lazy to create a mask and use a normal adjustment?

Do you have a video on all selection techniques in ps?

sir, do u launch your videos in course shape? plz must reply
bez i am from pakistan but fanatic of your skills in ps

Yay an award for most useless tool.

this feature was first available on the mobile version of photoshop , fairly useful

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