Crafting a Toonish Poison Pot in Adobe Illustrator

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Great Video Elena!! And first!! ❤❤❤ Poison Pot 😋😋😋 object copy path pathfinder

Keep it up elena. I love your design. I'm requesting you please upload a cherry blossom scenery in illustrator 😍😍😍

Thank you, I was waiting for someyhing like this ❤❤❤

awesome as always, i love you 🤩

Ядовитый пот? 🤔


I have learned a lot from you.
Very nice work. ❤

Thank you for making such a great video, it is very helpful to learn gradient tool ❤❤.

Hi perpect job.Thanks

very nice work❤❤ how do you select colors palettes?
please make videos on how to choose color palettes ❤❤

Hi Elena, you are doing great. I learned many things in graphics sector from your tutorial as a beginner. Keep this great work. Again, thank you so much.

Hi Elena, thank u very much for sharing this tuts

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