Mastering Luxe Skin: 3 Steps to Flawless Retouch

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How can we put the skin color in your video in photoshop?

Make a video on it.

You are the best Unmesh Dinda

Hello, sir. Long-time follower and observer. First comment. This approach to frequency separation—using a blank layer, eye dropper, and paint brush—appears to yield better results than the mixer brush. Do you agree? Do you still use the mixer brush for blending uneven patches? Thank you.

Thank you for your amazing videos. Your the man…

Great tutorial! I missed the tutorials where you go all manual and less AI. AI is great (the reason I actually purchased Photoshop haha). But all this AI made me a bit lazy as an artist and decreased my attention span, which I don't like.

hmmm. I can't find the blemish scan action. I signed up for the emails but I don't see this action.

Amazing explanation!! Could not being more detailed and simple…

Btw, i downloaded the Actions but didnt open as the format is not the correct, how do i solve this? I downloaded a .exe and it ask me for a .atn?

Really appreciate it if you could tell me thanks 🙂 Great videos you have a new subscriber…

7:21 learn to use the mix brush🤦🏻‍♂️

That was ridiculously good! Thank you. 💯

Hi Bro how can I download full version photoshop for free

How did you learn all this…?? amazing stuff to watch…you can make any woman model with these tehniq. ..well almost any

how do I install plugins

It help a lot and we love you bro

Hands down, best PS teacher ever!

lifesaver, thank you!

Does the head even teach?

Awesomw as always!! I loved the gradient map trick for skin tones! <3 thank you Unmesh!

Could you please reupload the frequency separation action you had up on your old site? You had it up on a video from 5 months ago but the site is down.

Peace and thank you for your eminence contribution to free knowledge. I wonder if you could provide me some tips for using the blemish check action for dark skin? Thank you!

All your videos are exactly the same, showing stupid effects that all junior designers know before even starting to work. Usubscribed

Thanks for another great video. Do you happen to have an updated video on your Wacom setup?

There is no “retouch for me” on mine??? I just bought photoshop yesterday. I should have the latest version!

Is there ever a reason to edit the high frequency layer? For example, what would you recommend doing in order to remove wrinkles from the skin?

The third part, fixing skin tone, I am unable to pick a colour from the skin. I colour remains being white for me time on video 12:20

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