Poster Perfection: Elevating Design Templates

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Did you prefer the redesign or the original?

brother, can you please suggest to me from which playlist I need to start on your channel, I already watched basic Adobe Illustrator tutorials, and now I can create any logo or design, like a copycat. but I want to polish my skills, and learn more in-depth principles and theories, can you please suggest, a playlist.

waiting for your reply

make more these types of video

Nice sample, but why go in Photoshop vs staying in illustrator?

We want this kind of stuff more ❤

Can you please upload a video on how to make cursive worksheets by using our handwritten letters into fourlines worksheets.
I mean I made all my handwritten letters into jpg image that I want to make as fourlines worksheets

First design boring, 2nd one kinda amateur. Like a bad late 1990s wannabee.

Hello, I just discovered your channel and these videos are very valuable, thank you for offering us such a nice education process free of charge, especially as students. I looked at the videos, follow order, playlists, there is a lot of content and they are all valuable, where to start, I'm at the beginner level. It would be more efficient for me

Loove the redesign, and it does speak to electronic scene!

Overall I like this video and yours is better but It's not fair to call it a "BAD" design.

Can you do a typography video, how to make text look good, alignment, layout, color, weight, etc

Doesn't make sense, something like a browser tab and a barcode😂

Thank you so much for sharing this with us

In the thumbnail the design was good. Your redesign changed the style which is the most important thing for a rave poster I would say. You made a poster for a different rave.

I thought the big purple cheeto was a game controller ;-;

Excellent stuff sir. May God bless you more

Ronaldo not only you've been the best 9 in history but you can also design, and teach! GRAAN

It is so weird, I personally did not see a problem with the original design but when you compare the two it really is like night and day. I absolutely marvel at your ability to spot imperfections in design. Good job!

I love to watch your redesign work, the transformation is incredible. I have so many things to learn.

I don't know why but I'm getting splatoon vibes from the new design, maybe the 3d element with the bright green and purple remind me of the game. It really stands out from the original poster, great job!

Wow damn, the redesign is very cool! Looks totally like a poster for a music festival!

Yup been to plenty of raves and use to throw them and design my own flyers haha

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