Revamp Your Designs: Free Fonts That Transform!

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Great fonts!!! Thank you, Satori

We want a tutorial on how you animate your videos or who animates them. ❤

All added to the collection! Thumbs up!

Love the font episodes. Do the creators of these free fonts make money from befont or any of the other platforms?

I really want want to see more BEFORE & AFTER videos where you redesign artwork using Design Principles & Psychologies. Please make more of it <333

free font this, free font that. all of that just branch from similiar font, and all these wannabe font maker recreate it and add slightly different curve, voila! its a new free font

Medium reminds me of the font that Sight and Sound transitioned to with their new magazines. Some great fonts here

Dear Sir My Lovely Teacher,

Could you please educate us on Real Estate Design concepts and Logo Fonts? Your insights would be greatly appreciated.
🙏 Kindly like this message so that I can learn more about Real Estate Designs. Thank you!

❤ kudos boss,keep the good work steady

Thank you for sharing ❤❤❤

Thanks a lot for this ❤❤❤

Thanks all the way for SouthAfrica❤️🔥what's the name of the typeface you used on Kritiquo?

You are so bad for my font addiction. Thanks for making me fall off the wagon 😊

how to do the refraction on the rethink sans posters

Good job with the animation of the typefaces presentation.

Buzzard but I don’t see any references on where to download the typefaces.

The 'Medium' font was created by a digital artist named hvnter; one of my favorite modern logo creators and typographers! Cool to see his work here

Great Video , make sure to open the save to lists please 🌹

Thank you Satori! Learnt a lot again. Your works are amazing. I have a lot to learn. Excited I can follow through with you.

very professional and immensely helpful, as always! thanks

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