Unlock the Rainbow: Swipe Any Color with This Plugin!

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New subscriber. I am a total newbie to photo editing. I find your content excellent, really easy to follow. Thank you.😊.

the link doesnt work

Links not working, and I cant find any program named Color Match when searching for it….. :-/

the link is not working!

Bro Done PHD in Photoshop πŸ˜…βœ…

Near 5 million subscribers — must be doing something right .

im trying to create a rectangle (box) with type of corners, not curved corners. I hope you understand what Im saying. How can I create it in photoshop, any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

I use Lightroom and want to make 100 photos, what should I do? Can it edxport Lightroom preset too?

Great video!!! Question, Can you make a preset for Lightroom? From photoshop? How you export that? As DNG?

Used preset adobe photoshop 2024 version

I ordered but problem with downloading the product from the site. Can't download.

hi, is there a way to use the with Lightroom? thx a lot

I got this plug in, whenever I upload a reference photo, it looks redder than it originally is. Do you know what could be wrong?

Does it support for Mac?

waww great πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

BIG BIG fan of your videos , will try this later when my best friend is awake and can help me with this πŸ™‚

Your neighbour are keep creating πŸ˜‚

cant apply color by a reference image in the free version? always says i have to upgrade to full verison?!

Midjourney AI has recently got a similar feature (Style Refs), that steals not only the colours, but the overall visual aesthetic of an image.

Either you like retouch4me or retouch likes you. Thanks for explaining how to use each module.

To purchase and use this plugin or program you do not necessarily need to have latest version of Photoshop right?

to be honest you still are better of doing it yourselff because the raw files are the pictures with the most colors in and you "steal from jpegs" so its actualy fals advertising in my eyes. (got the plug in myself) not to impressed by it to be fair…

don't take this the wrong way BUT i am enjoying video tips from a man who looks like he's using the "skin softening" feature on a compact camera… Is it just makeup?

Windows and Northon block this app. Not safe.

Excellent plug-in, but doesn't work on CYMK projects.

Its pricey but very useful. Im waiting for better promo codes. No its only 20% off

You are so good!! Can you use the lut as a Lightroom preset?

WTF. This isnt free. It does not do anything. Why did you put up this click bait. You have to pay for it. You should have just said that bro.

love the video, but really frustrated you don't check whom you are promoting πŸ™

I spent Β£83 on this a month ago, it added initially as an app, and I later found it can be added as a plug in. Then I upgraded my Mac a month later. Ive now been told that's my last key. Β£83 for a month. The key since day one keeps logging me out, which ive never had this issue with any other apps or plug ins. Just beware as although this is an incredible app, its lifespan is very low. When I chatted with live chat I dint get a response that I hoped for too.

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